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Whitney Houston was an American singer and actress whose first four albums, released between 1985 and 1992, and amassed global sales in excess of 86 million copies. Born on August 9, 1963, in Newark, New Jersey, Whitney Houston released her debut album at age 22 and scored three number one singles. Whitney (1987) delivered four more number ones and earned Houston her first Grammy. With her marriage to singer Bobby Brown in 1992, Houston’s career got off track. She made a comeback with 2009’s I Look to You. Houston died on February 11, 2012.

Born August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey, Whitney Houston almost seemed destined from birth to become a singer. Her mother Cissy Houston, Cousin Dionne Warwick and godmother Aretha Franklin were all legendary figures in American gospel and soul music. Cissy Houston was the choir minister at New Hope Baptist Church, and it was there that a young Whitney got her start. Even as a child, Whitney was able to wow audiences; she later told interviewer Diane Sawyer that a rapturous response from the congregation at New Hope had a powerful effect upon her: “I think I knew then that [my singing ability] was an infectious thing that God had given me.”

By the time she turned 15, Whitney was performing often with her mother and trying to get a record deal of her own. Around the same time, she was discovered by a photographer who was awed by her natural beauty. She soon became an extremely sought-after teenage model, one of the first African American women to appear on the cover of Seventeen magazine. But music remained her true love.

When she was 19, Whitney Houston was discovered in a nightclub by the renowned Clive Davis of Arista Records, who signed her immediately and took the helm of her career as she navigated from gospel to pop stardom. In 1983, Houston made her debut on national television, appearing on The Merv Griffin Show to sing “Home” from the musical The Wiz. She and Davis spent the next two years working on her debut album, finding the best producers and songwriters available to showcase her amazing vocal talent.

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In 1998, Houston released My Love Is Your Love, her first non-soundtrack studio album in many years, and it earned her another Grammy but could not top the chart performance of her previous albums. However, her collaboration with Mariah Carey in the animated film The Prince of Egypt produced a single, “When You Believe,” which won an Academy Award.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Houston’s increasingly rocky marriage, struggles with drugs and health problems threatened to derail her career. Several concert cancellations and a notorious TV interview with Diane Sawyer in 2002 in which Houston appeared far too thin and in very poor health led many to speculate that she was on the verge of a breakdown.

In 2004, Bobby Brown started filming a reality show for Bravo entitled Being Bobby Brown; Whitney received substantial airtime. The show aired during the worst years of the couple’s crumbling marriage; drug abuse, lifestyle excess and deplorable behavior were all caught on tape and Whitney’s reputation fell to new lows. Whitney did everything in her power to ignore the controversy, charging ahead with her music by releasing Just Whitney… to combat her detractors, but it did not match the success of her earlier works. In spite of her troubled relationship, Houston was still celebrated as a singer, being named the most-awarded female artist of all time by Guiness World Records in 2006.

For the next few years, Houston tried desperately to repair her marriage and to break her drug habit, but after several relapses her mother, Cissy, had to step in. As Whitney Houston explained to Oprah Winfrey in 2009: “[My mother] walks in with the sheriff and she says: ‘I have a court injunction here. You do it my way or we’re not going to do this at all. You’re going to go on TV, and you’re going to retire. And say you’re going to give this up because it’s not worth it.'” Whitney took a break from her career, divorced Bobby Brown in 2007, and won sole custody of their child, Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown.

After struggling with her professional life for nearly a decade, Whitney seemed to be pulling herself together. She released a new album, I Look To You, in 2009. “The songs themselves will speak to you and you’ll understand where I am and some of the changes I’ve gone through for the better,” Houston told Entertainment Tonight. The recording received a warm welcome from music fans, making to the top of album charts. Her live shows, however, garnered mixed reviews with some complaining about the quality of her voice.

In early 2012, the word circulating in the music industry was that Whitney was suffering financially, but she denied this claim. She, in fact, seemed to be poised for a career upswing. Houston worked on a new musical film Sparkle with Jordin Sparks, a remake of the 1976 movie about an all-girl musical group similar to the Supremes. She had reportedly been approached to join the singing competition The X Factor as a judge. Unfortunately, Houston did not live long enough to see the latest comeback reach fruition.

Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012, in Los Angeles. Houston had been seen out in the days before her death, including at one of the pre-Grammy Award parties. According to a report released by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office on March 22, 2012, the official cause of her death was accidental drowning. The effects of heart disease and cocaine found in her system were contributing factors. With her passing, the music world has lost one of its most legendary stars. Her longtime supporter and mentor Clive Davis once said that Houston “is in the great tradition of great, great singers, whether it’s Lena Horne or Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughn or Gladys Knight.”


Media Women of Atlanta

Written Antonio Moses 2014



CHRYSTALE WILSON, Writer, Producer, Actress

Chrystale Wilson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but spent most of her school years in Sacramento, CA.  After completing college in Sacramento, she moved back to Atlanta where she worked for several major law firms before auditioning for and receiving her first major film role.

In l998, Chrystale debuted in The Players Club, written and produced by Ice Cube. As Ronnie, a scene-stealing villainess, she received rave reviews.

Chrystale’s talents are not only manifested in front of the camera, but in other domains of filmmaking as well. She has written, produced and secured mainstream talent for two films: Groupies and The Kudzu Christmas. Groupies is a cult classic with first time appearances by rap artists Ludicris and Lil’ John.  Kudzu was the first movie to be shown on the successful television station TV One!

Having earned the reputation for being a starlet as well as a producer, Chrystale has gone on to work behind the scenes on other major productions: The 2010 Trumpet Awards, Stomp the Yard 2, Teen Wolf, Think Like a Man; just to name a few.

This talented woman continues to tour the country with inspirational stage plays and has done so for the past eight years, working with some of today’s top playwrights, including Tyler Perry.

This woman’s heart is not only displayed in her love for the arts but also in her love for all humanity.  She is an advocate for the better treatment of our elderly and through a self-funded and organized annual event “Injured Angel Mixer”; Chrystale encourages her friends to donate products, which she personally distributes to inner city nursing homes.  She also displays her love for animals as a volunteer at local “no kill” animal shelters.  She lends her gift of speaking to high schools and colleges addressing the important of acceptance and tolerance among people from different cultural backgrounds. Chrystale is loved and respected in the gay and lesbian community and hosts many events pertaining to the equal treatment of people choosing an alternative life style.

And just when you thought this young lady had done it all, Chrystale will be making her debut back into our living room in Ex-“R&B Diva’ Nicci Gilbert’s New Docu-Series, ‘From the Bottom Up’. The show is backed by non-other than Queen Latifah, it seems like everything she touches these days turns to gold and this show will prove to be no exception. Now, who said content was a thing of the past? ‘From the Bottom Up’ is a docu-series guaranteed to provide the viewing audience with something more than a cat fight or predictable twist. ‘From the Bottom Up’ takes its viewers into the lives of successful women who have somehow or another lost everything they had worked for, but the show doesn’t stop there. These strong women refused to accept defeat and will do what it takes to get back on top. Watch this unique team of women go against the odds and triumph over adversity when it seemed as if there was no hope in sight.  Chrystale shares the stage with the likes of Sarah Strokes, Christine Beatty, Stacii Jae Johnson and Kim Smedley in what is anticipated to be, one of the best shows on television this year.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his Legacy (Article) – 1/21/2015 8:55:00 AM
That is a fantastic, emotional poem of great character! Your article is also very well written and thought out. Yes, you are the result of your ancestors’ grief. What Martin Luther King did was help bring about some freedom and dignity to a people long deprived. But his dream is not yet fulfilled, for as BF Skinner wrote in the early 1970s, we must get, “beyond freedom and dignity.” We must get to the dream Martin Luther King had, with all of us on the planet as one, equally working together to solve the problems yet ahead. Ron

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Bless you and your endeavors!! Love ya! Jane

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A great requiem to freedom, may it always and forever be. The struggle isn’t over, but someday they will all see. Ron

Bury Me Free (Poetry) – 1/14/2015 8:22:54 AM
Ahhh . . . There are some white brothers out here . . . Your poem struck the right cord with me.

When Art Speaks (Poetry) – 1/3/2015 10:57:50 AM
As we speak, the mind’s eye of those who perceive us creates pictures. On the other hand, I have viewed the walls of the halls of Hannah Hall, adorned with 25 years of murals depicting various phases of the black man’s experience. Very enlightening, like your words. Ron

I AM (Poetry) – 1/3/2015 7:28:08 AM
Yes, be you! Remain proud. Love ya! Jane

My Window Pain (Poetry) – 1/2/2015 12:24:16 PM
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Ah yes, for every question, comment or thought there lies, sits or hangs a painting that fits. You got that right . . .

My Window Pain (Poetry) – 1/2/2015 6:29:07 AM
Eh . . . The window, in my thoughts and judgment is a reflection of ourselves, Antonio. What we see, think, or fear as as gaze through the window has nothing whatsoever do do with our feelings, desires, or perspective. It is merely a window. Is it, as some say, a window to our souls? No, it is simply a place to gaze at the world around you. Your window suggest a much more powerful ends to a means.

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THOUGHTS UNLEASHED (Poetry) – 12/30/2014 6:44:09 AM
I like the way you expressed the feeling

THOUGHTS UNLEASHED (Poetry) – 12/29/2014 4:47:23 PM
the essence of a man is beyond his race, creed or color …

THOUGHTS UNLEASHED (Poetry) – 12/29/2014 8:50:14 AM
A very moving and touching recounting of the life and times of living with color. No one could’ve told it better. Will Martin Luther King’s words ever be realized? Ron

No personal journey is complete without a defining point. There has to be struggle in our lives in order for man to appreciate what it feels like to conquer life’s unexpected challenges. So we rejoice after the accomplishments and seek shelter, as the outstretched arms of indulgence stands by unafraid. Which in terms, manifest itself in an illustration of a captive lifestyle set free. However, the answers haven’t always presented themselves.

Over  the  past     few  years  I’ve  struggled  every  way imaginable. So many different trials and tribulations continue to have their way with me.  I truly believe  that  adversity  seldom  attaches  itself to  the  consciousness  of  a man who has given up  on  life  And  for  the most  part ,  equality entirely overstates the stereotypes , which  limit  its  vision  too  narrowly  when  compared with  the complex  properties  associated  with  the  commingling  of  a variety of  people. So I conveniently confide in a theme  that protects me under a color of universal law, that I inherited  through the  pain of  my  ancestor’s  grief.

There is a distinct difference in my mind governing tradition and the truth. Yet, we have a problem understanding the answer to most of our problems lies with our misguided youth. Too often are we manipulated by society’s external perceptions of what’s deemed to be right? But  to  what extreme  would  you   be   willing   to  travel, to  extricate  the  secrets  that  binds us  together  in  a  separate, but  equal,  state  of  perpetual  ignorance .

I for one, will never feed into its scheme, by blaming the very thing I have been  taught, or become infected or enslaved because  I’ll never  be betrayed and end up lost. But by force of wind, I sometimes forget the right thing to say, so in the privacy of my shelter I often kneel then close my eyes and pray. Asking God for a reason or at least, a glimpse into the cause. While I sit here doing time… doing nothing at all. There are times I pier into the night and end up walking through the dark alone aimlessly. Shall I be forced to testify on that which I recall, or be threaten by a distant call to be free?

This poem is dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for his service and commitment to fighting for what he believed in.  It is entitled: “BURY ME FREE”



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Dress me

In a suit of armor

Worthy of my grave

Comfort me

With the attention

Undeserving of a slave


Don’t judge me

images (6)


On my defiance or

For my relentless pursuit

Or despise me

For the hate that caused

Another Black man to loot.


Just give me

images (7)

DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., head of Southern Christian Leadership conference speaks to thousands, during his I HAVE A DREAM speech.

My due respect

You don’t have to be afraid

And remember me

To be something more

Than another figure betrayed


All I ask is to be happy

In the last days

Of my quest

And shower me

With the blessings

Of your undying wholesomeness


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Don’t spite me insufferably,

On some street corner

In the hood

Just “Bury Me Free”,

In hollowed ground

Beside the Brothers who understood.



Antonio Moses



“Media Women Television” meets “Shark Tank” with “American Idol” audience participation. The lives of talented and hardworking women competing for a position in a publishing company in a big city are showcased. See these journalist, writers and editors at work, gossiping in the office and doing whatever it takes to make the cut. At key moments during the show the audience is polled and the women use the audience feedback as a virtual life coach to help them with their business decisions.

Synopsis: “Media Women” fills the void that women everywhere experienced with being disenfranchised, inserting the audience into the cast as a 5th “virtual interviewer”.

Get inside the minds of extremely talented women who have the desire to make it big in the publishing world. See them juggling the demands of creating a hot new concept for a magazine every week in search of landing a jobs with a publishing company. Watch their assertive demeanor in the office as they race to meet deadlines and earn points to maintain their place in the competition. Go on their interviews, with publishers and writers in the industry that test the limits of each contestant’s talents. Participate in the intricate day to day operations of a publishing company, editing, completion, The best part of it all, is each week the four groups will meet in the “War Room” to unveil their spread for the magazine.

And when you disagree with or support the contestants, let them know. The audience will be instructed to vote on the contestant who failed to pull their weight as a team player in that episode. Should she be fired, demoted or promoted will depend on points each contestant receive from the viewer. Each team will be afforded to release/fire one contestant each week and select a different contestant from HR. After the audience votes with a phone call, text message, or website poll, the women will be pulled aside and given the feedback from the audience real-time. Then watch how our women deal with the audience scrutiny and their team mates decisions. Then have the audience take to the website forums to discuss how it all played out and take surveys on what topic they would like covered in the coming week’s episode.





For more information about this new REALITY TV SHOW visit www.mediawomennetworkcom


Stay tuned for our new format coming soon.

    It’s easy for me to sit here in the comfort of my home and weigh in on the situation unfolding in Ferguson. First and foremost we want to take this moment to send a shot out to the parents of Reginald Brown. It is a tragedy when we are still plagued with ignorance and racism at this day and age. What we plan to do is touch on a few topics which are in dire need of explanations. Lets look closely at what goes into a GRAND JURY and what its function is. We also are going to define what “DEADLY FORCE” AND WHY WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE TRACKING LANGUAGE OF IT’S MEANING RATHER THAN THE ACTIONS TAKEN BY BIAS POLICE OFFICERS.

    Justice or Just Us?

    Justice or Just Us?

    The purpose of the grand jury is not to determine guilt or innocence, but to decide whether there is probable cause to prosecute someone for a felony crime. The grand jury operates in secrecy and the normal rules of evidence do not apply. The prosecutor runs the proceedings and no judge is present.
    The grand jury has a long and honorable tradition. It was recognized in the Magna Carta, the first English constitutional document, which King John granted in 1215 at the demand of his subjects. The first English grand jury consisted of twelve men selected from the knights or other freemen, who were summoned to inquire into crimes alleged to have been committed in their local community. Thus, grand jurors originally functioned as accusers or witnesses, rather than as judges.
    Over the years, the hallmarks of our modern grand jury developed in England. For example, grand jury proceedings became secret, and the grand jury became independent of the Crown. As a result, a grand jury is able to vote an indictment or refuse to do so, as it deems proper, without regard to the recommendations of judge, prosecutor, or any other person. This independence from the will of the government was achieved only after a long hard fight. It can best be illustrated by the celebrated English case involving the Earl of  Shaftasbury, who, in 1681, fell under the suspicion of the Crown. Displeased with him, the Crown presented to the grand jury a proposed bill of indictment for high treason and recommended that it be voted and returned. After hearing the witnesses, the grand jury voted against the bill of indictment and returned it to the King,
    holding that it was not true.
                –  A GRAND JURY’S TASK
    The Grand Jury’s Tasks As stated above, the federal grand jury’s function is to determine whether a person shall be tried for a serious federal crime alleged to have been committed within the district where it sits. Matters may be brought to its attention in three ways:
              (1) by the United States Attorney or an Assistant United States Attorney;
    (2) by the court that impaneled it; and
    (3) from the personal knowledge of a member of the grand jury or from matters properly brought to a          member’s personal attention. In all these cases, the grand jury must hear evidence before taking action.
    What Is The Function Of A Grand Jury?

    What Is The Function Of A Grand Jury?

    After it has received evidence against a person, the grand jury must decide whether the evidence presented justifies an indictment, or “true bill,” which is the formal criminal charge returned by the grand jury. Upon the indictment’s being filed in court, the person accused must either plead guilty or nolo contendere or stand trial.
    If the evidence does not persuade the grand jury that there is probable cause to believe the person committed a
    crime, the grand jury will vote a “no bill,” or “not a true bill.” When this occurs, the person is not required to
    plead to a criminal charge, and no trial is required.


    An amount of force that is likely to cause either serious bodily injury or death to another person.

    Police officers may use deadly force in specific circumstances when they are trying to enforce the law. Private citizens may use deadly force in certain circumstances in SELF DEFENSE. The rules governing the use of deadly force for police officers are different from those for citizens.

    During the twelfth century, the COMMON LAW allowed the police to use deadly force if they needed it to capture a felony suspect, regardless of the circumstances. At that time, felonies were not as common as they are now and were usually punishable by death. Also, law officers had a more difficult time capturing suspects because they did not have the technology and weaponry that are present in today’s world. In modern times, the courts have restricted the use of deadly force to certain, dangerous situations.

    In police jargon, deadly force is also referred to as shoot to kill. The Supreme Court has ruled that, depending on the circumstances, if an offender resists arrest, police officers may use as much force as is reasonably required to overcome the resistance. Whether the force is reasonable is determined by the judgment of a reasonable officer at the scene, rather than by hindsight. Because police officers can find themselves in dangerous or rapidly changing situations where split second decisions are necessary, the judgment of someone at the scene is vital when looking back at the actions of a police officer.

    The Supreme Court has defined the “objective reasonableness” standard as a balance between the rights of the person being arrested and the government interests that allow the use of force. The FOURTH AMENDMENT protects U.S. citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures, the category into which an arrest falls. The Supreme Court has said that a SEARCH AND SEIZURE is reasonable if it is based on PROBABLE CAUSE and if it does not unreasonably intrude on the rights and privacy of the individual. This standard does not question a police officer’s intent or motivation for using deadly force during an arrest; it only looks at the situation as it has happened.

    For deadly force to be constitutional when an arrest is taking place, it must be the reasonable choice under all the circumstances at the time.Therefore, deadly force should be looked at as an option that is used when it is believed that no other action will succeed. The MODEL PENAL CODE, although not adopted in all states, restricts police action regarding deadly force. According to the code, officers should not use deadly force unless the action will not endanger innocent bystanders, the suspect used deadly force in committing the crime, or the officers believe delay in arrest may result in injury or death to other people.

    Circumstances that are taken into consideration are the severity of the offense, how much of a threat the suspect poses, and the  to resist or flee the police officer. When arresting someone for a misdemeanor, the police have the right to shoot the alleged offender only in self-defense. If an officer shoots a suspect accused of a misdemeanor for a reason other than self-defense, the officer can be held liable for criminal charges and damages for injuries to the suspect. This standard was demonstrated in the Iowa case of Klinkel v. Saddler,211 Iowa 368, 233 N.W. 538 (1930), where a sheriff faced a WRONGFUL DEATH lawsuit because he had killed a misdemeanor suspect during an arrest. The sheriff said he had used deadly force to defend himself, and the court ruled in his favor.

    I don’t know how many times we have to revisit this situation and think for one moment it’s going to change itself. The laws in this country are written in a way that it always protects the hierarchy. It’s difficult to bring a civil action against individual operating behind the corporate veil, let alone mount a defense against an over zealous cop once he has set his mind a subject is a “threat”.  The laws in this country are too ambiguous and typically affect the poorest in society. It’s a damn shame a persons liberty rest in his or her ability to afford an attorney to represent them once the government has brought up charges against them. I realize the constitution of the United States guarantees each citizens an attorney in criminal cases. But when has it been customary for an employee to fight against the hand that feeds them? This is Maestro man…Amplify the Mumble!