The United States Sentencing Commission just voted to let 46,290 federal prisoners apply to get out of prison sooner. The images (8)vote applied the Sentencing Commission’s latest reductions in federal sentencing guidelines, APPROVED IN APRIL, to people currently serving sentences in federal prison for drug crimes.

Prisoners will begin to be released on November 1, 2015.

Prisoners will have to apply to get their sentences reduced, and each application will be reviewed, individually, by a federal judge. (One of the reasons that the Sentencing Commission decided not to start releasing prisoners until November 2015 was to give federal judges more time to work through the applications they’re going to receive.) The judge is responsible for deciding whether or not releasing the applicant would be dangerous for public safety, and whether the applicant deserves to have his or her sentence reduced.

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According to the J & C “JUDGMENT & COMMITMENT”  filed in Atlanta on July 16, Nida owes a total of $1,948,214.85. images (1)Of that, $127,011.52 will go to the IRS; $126,213.84 to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; $89,761.65 to the U.S. Treasury; $15,778.70 to the State of California; $45,525.68 to the State of Connecticut; $28,249.80 to the State of Iowa; $2,289.47 to the State of Indiana; $3,528.03 to L.A. County; $954.60 to the State of Mississippi; $664.38 to the State of Nebraska; $2,196.37 to the State of New York; $2,200 to San Diego County; $39,275.27 to the State of Texas; $3,284.52 to the State of Utah; $456.85 to the State of Vermont; and $7,612.26 to the State of Wisconsin.

Now what does all of this mean? Well, all of you crime fighting enthusiast shouldn’t be jumping for joy just yet. Let’s face it, a Judgment & Commitment is the root the cause of the massive prison population. If you know anything at all about accounting, you know how important “ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES” are. When determining what a persons net worth is, cash on hand and receivables are considered as assets. For instance, if you have $100,000.00 in a bank account and you’re owed another $50,000.00, then you would subtract $150,000.00 from your liabilities. The amount left is your net worth.

So each defendant sentenced in the federal system is given a JUDGMENT & COMMITMENT. In a nutshell, the Courts monetize the cases by attaching a JUDGMENT to it by virtue of the “Statutes” i.e., (Fines, Court Cost and Restitution). Some of you may say, “That money goes to the victims of the crimes.” Then let’s assess the situation more carefully. Shall we? In Mr. Nida’s case the Judge ordered him to pay $1,948,214.85 to the courts and sentenced him to eight years in federal prison. Now in prison Apollo will be able to work at .12 cents an hour. Hardly enough to satisfy the debt in question. If I’m not mistaken he will be expected to be on “Supervised Release” , which is not parole, for a period of; let’s say, the worst case scenario 5 years. And since he’s a convicted felon; and I don’t see any future movie deals on the plate. It’s safe to say, Mr. Nida will get a minimum wage paying job; if that, after serving his sentence.

While on “Supervised Release” of course he will be expected to pay; at the very least, $100.00 dollars toward the aforementioned restitution. That doesn’t even put a dent in 2 million dollars. So what will happen to the remaining balance of the Restitution after Apollo’s “Supervised Release” is satisfied?  NOTHING! Mr. Nida will go on about his life and leave whatever remaining portion of the debt on the books. “That’s messed up!” Right? Not if you stop for a moment to consider the debt is just made up out of thin air. “COMMERCIAL PAPER!” Remember we’ve been taken off the gold standard a long time ago. Now this country operates by and large through “NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS”.

Basically, if someone owes you, you can leverage the debt. Or better yet, get a loan against the debt as long as you’ve downloadperfected the security interest. Which is no more than a chain of title attached to property, or in our case a DEFENDANT. Now Apollo Nida had co-defendant’s the same debt was attached to them. That’s right the same 2 million dollars placed on Apollo was placed on his co-defendant(s). So to simplify it, rather than them owing collectively 2 million dollars. The government creates two separate “JUDGMENT & COMMITMENT’s”. Which makes the case worth 4 million dollars when it’s taken to the bank and deposited. And to keep everything on track the Defendants are warehoused in a so-called prison to secure the debt. Just look up the Bureau of Prisons perspectives on Wallstreet. Moe Money! Moe Money! Moe Money! So you have to excuse me if I don’t seem to be too excited about our justice system. Since our citizens are being treated like cattle, pork bellies and other commodities on the stock exchange.  All this talk about the JUSTus system makes me want to travel down this road more in depth.

Stay tuned to my next post on THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

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How many of you out there have told a little white lie before? All right let me be a little more specific, how many of you have told a lie on a credit application? If so, you violated one of the many federal laws on the books. Making false statements on credit application can be a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Sections 287 and 1001 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code make it a crime to knowingly make a false claim upon or against the United States or to any department or agency, and to knowingly and willfully make a false statement to the United States or to any department or agency. A 1001 violation which has now been termed a “Martha Stewart crime” concerns making a false statement to a federal agent during an investigation. You can still be convicted of lying to an agent, even though you might not be guilty of the crime originally investigated.

images (4)


You’re in the market for purchasing a new home and contracts a loan broker to help facilitate the deal. In the course of events you are told to provide 2 years of income tax returns to support the income you, LIED about on the credit application  to qualify for the loan. (That’s Lie No.: 1) You actually earned $25,000.00 a year on your job  but in order to qualify for the loan, you stated “you earned $55,000.00 dollars for the current year and file a false income tax return to the IRS to support your claim. Now this is when it gets tricky. Subsequently, the FBI somehow finds out about your actions and charge you with Wire Fraud and making False Statements to defraud the US Government.

Keep in mind you never acquired the house, as a matter of fact you may not have even walked in it. The federal government will still charge you with the charge as if you purchased the house in question. It’s called “Intended Loss”. In fraud cases you have what’s considered “INTENDED LOSS & ACTUAL LOSS”.  For instance, if the house cost $250,000.00 you will be sentenced for the lost of $250,000.00 even though no bank or lending institution lost a dime. The only difference is you will not be ordered to pay back restitution to the bank for the intended lost in your Judgment & Commitment Order. However, you will  be sent to prison to serve time for it.

All right!  It’s a “White Collar Crime” and no one got hurt and it’s your first offense. You accept responsibility and “PAY YOUR DEBT TO SOCIETY” by serving time in a federal correctional facility. It sounds to me like your services could better serve the community by dedicating your time to helping those in need or working on clean up projects for the city, rather than taking up the bed space which would better suit a violent criminal. But who am I to comment right? Well,  You get out on Supervised Released, which means you are under restrictions and you have lost most of your rights as a citizen. You can’t vote, you can’t own a fire arm (even though the crime in question had absolutely nothing to do with violence or any abuse of the current fire arms laws) and finding a job as a convicted felon is another chore in and of itself. A convicted felon is treated like a second class citizen but he/she is expected to pay taxes like everyone else.That’s taxation without representation.

Now after your whole world had been turned upside down and you’re trying desperately to put the pieces back together,  you find yourself in a hole without a place to go. To add insult to injury you’ve been out beating the bricks all day and receive harassing phone calls by a probation officer for not being able to find a job in an already strapped economy. This is where it gets tricky, you look up and receive a notice from the IRS saying that you OWE taxes on the fraudulent income tax return you’ve  just served time for.

Which is crazy right?  If you stop and think about it for a moment. So you’re saying to yourself, “this has to be a misunderstanding” because the false income tax return was part of the criminal activity mentioned in your indictment. You pick up the phone and call the IRS and inform them of the situation and you explain in great details the income placed on the 1040 form was made up. And why wouldn’t you tell them, it’s not as though they can do anything else to you because you’ve already served time for that criminal activity. I mean wouldn’t that be “DOUBLE JEOPARDY?” Think again! The IRS will still do everything they can to collect on the TAXES of money you NEVER made merely because you submitted the false income tax return stating you did so.

So the next time you think about fudging your income or OVERSTATING the facts a little, just know it could have grave consequences.  I’m just saying!

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According to the FBI, the typical haul for a bank robber in the U.S. in 2013 was only a little over $4,000. Still, if you don’t images (3)mind the security guards, the alarms, the cameras and the exploding dye packs, this is a big haul when compared to other kinds of robbery. The average take for all robberies was a mere $1,200, according to the FBI. The lowest on the totem pole?  Convenience store robbers, who on average managed to grab only $700 per heist (plus all the withered, overcooked hot dogs they could carry). Just a little known fact.


1. The Dim Bulbs Rule. As per Congress, of course, for issuing an EDICT to phase out the incandescent light bulbs on which the world has relied for more than a century. With the deadline looming in 2012, Americans by the millions spent the past year pressing lawmakers to lift the ban which, contrary to eco-ideology, will kill more American jobs than create “green” ones. (Congress evidently overlooked the fact that the vast majority of fluorescent bulbs are manufactured in China.) The 2012 appropriations bill barred the use of funds to enforce the regulation, but it remains in law.

2. The Obamacare Chutzpah Rule. The past year was marked by a slew of competing court rulings on the constitutionality of the individual mandate, the cornerstone of Obamacare. The law requires U.S. citizens to obtain health insurance or face financial penalties imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. Never before has the federal government attempted to force all Americans to purchase a product or service. To allow this regulatory overreach to stand would undermine fundamental constitutional constraints on government powers and curtail individual liberties to an unprecedented degree.

3. The Nationalization of Internet Networks Rule. Regulations that took effect on November 1 prohibit owners of broadband networks from differentiating among various content in managing Internet transmissions. (In other words, the Federal Coercion Communications Commission effectively declared the broadband networks to be government-regulated utilities.) The FCC imposed the “network neutrality” rule despite explicit opposition from Congress and a federal court ruling against it. The rule threatens to undermine network investment and increase online congestion.

4. The Equine Equality Rule. As of March 15(the Ides of March, no less), hotels, restaurants, airlines, and the like became obliged to modify “policies, practices, or procedures” to accommodate miniature horses as service animals. According to the Department of Justice, which administers the rule, miniature horses are a “viable alternative” to dogs for individuals with allergies or for observant Muslims and others whose religious beliefs preclude canine accompaniment.

5. The Smash Potatoes Regulation. The U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed stricter nutrition standards that would prohibit school lunch ladies from serving more than one cup per week of potatoes per student. Instead, schools would be required to provide more dark green, orange, and dry bean varieties (think kale) in order to foster vegetable diversity. The cafeteria mandate will affect more than 98,000 elementary and secondary schools at a cost exceeding $3.4 billion in the next four years.

6. The Bring on the Blackouts Rule. The EPA is proposing to force power plants to reduce mercury by 90 percent within three years—at an estimated cost of $11 billion annually. A significant number of coal-fired plants will actually exceed the standard—by shutting down altogether. Indeed, grid operators, along with 27 states, are warning that the overly stringent regulations will threaten the reliability of the electricity system and dramatically increase power costs. Just like candidate Obama promised.

7. The Wal-Mart Windfall Amendment. One of hundreds of new regulations dictated by the Dodd–Frank financial regulation statute requires the Federal Reserve to regulate the fees that financial institutions may charge retailers for processing debit card purchases. The prospect of losing more than $6 billion in annual revenue is prompting financial institutions to hike fees on a variety of banking services to make up for the much smaller payments from stores. Thus, consumers are picking up the tab for retailers’ big regulatory score.

8. The Plumbing Police Rule. The U.S. Department of Energy began preparations for tightening the water efficiency standards on urinals. It’s all spelled out in excruciating detail in the Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products Other Than Automobiles, which also regulates the efficiency of toilets, faucets, and showers. And refrigerators and freezers, air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, ovens and ranges, pool heaters, television sets, and anything else the Energy Secretary deems as electrically profligate. (Urinals also are regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which requires at least one urinal for every 40 workers at a construction site for companies with less than 200 employees and one for every 50 workers where more than 200 are employed. The Americans with Disabilities Act also delineates the proper dimensions and placement of bowls.)

9. The Chill the Economy Regulation. The EPA issued four interrelated rules governing emissions from some 200,000 boilers nationwide at an estimated capital cost of $9.5 billion. These boilers burn natural gas, fuel oil, coal, biomass (e.g., wood), refinery gas, or other gas to produce steam, which is used to generate electricity or provide heat for factories and other industrial and institutional facilities. Under the so-called Boiler MACT, factories, restaurants, schools, churches, and even farms would be required to conduct emissions testing and comply with standards of control that vary by boiler size, feedstock, and available technologies. The stringency and cost of the new regulations provoked an outpouring of protest, including 21 governors and more than 100 Members of Congress. On May 18, the EPA published a notice of postponement in the Federal Register,but the regulations remain on the books.

10.  The Unions Rule Rule. New rules require government contractors to give first preference in hiring to the workers of the company that lost the contract. Tens of thousands of companies will be affected, with compliance costs running into the tens of millions of dollars—costs ultimately borne by taxpayers. The rule effectively ensures that a non-unionized contractor cannot replace a unionized one. That’s because any new contractor will be obliged to hire its predecessors’ unionized workers and thus be forced by the “Successorship Doctrine” to bargain with the union(s).


Pheadra Parks of the hit reality t.v. show (Atlanta House Wives) husband Apollo Nida was sentenced in a federal courtroom today. Regardless of his cooperation with the government, the images (1)Judge sentenced him to 8 years for cashing bad checks and money laundering more than 2.3 million dollars through phony bank accounts. Apparently he only received 1/4 of the 30 years he originally faced for a massive money fraud scheme. I guess SNITCHING has it’s privileges.

Prosecutors allege that Nida created fake companies, and opened fraudulent bank accounts to funnel stolen U.S. Treasury checks and auto loan proceeds. Now let’s take a closer look at the Sentencing Guidelines for a moment, to shed some light on what went down in the courtroom.

After Nida accepted responsibility for his role in the offense, he was visited by a probation officer who created a Presentence Report. The Presentence Report provides the judge presiding over the case, a snap shot of a defendant’s past in order for him/her to determine an appropriate sentence. The Sentencing Guideline has two legs which determines a man’s fate. Even though a defendant satisfies a prior conviction by serving his debt to society. (See Sentencing Table below)

The judge has to look at how many times the defendant has been incarcerated. That is scaled horizontally. The actual offense is determined by the base offense level which runs vertically on the sentencing table and then those two point have to run together like finding the grid on a map.

Nida was in a category “V” on the sentencing table and sense his case was fraud the Guidelines mandate the judge consider the amount in that range. In the case of Mr. Nida, 2.3 millions dollars was in question. That number is represented by the number running horizontally on the chart.

The prosecutor then makes his/her recommendation to the judge regarding the substantial assistance (information leading to the arrest of another person) and then based on the factors surrounding the case, the judge renders his sentence. Don’t get it twisted, the Sentencing Guideline is only a recommendation to the judge has the last word.



Neither the surge of influx of children crossing the border into the United States nor the legislation to do something about the immigration minors is enough for our government to rely on bi-partisan politics as a solution to the problem . Under current law a child apprehended entering into this Country will not be sent back to their respective country until they have had a hearing. In most instances, the children will be given the opportunity to acquire authorization to stay in the country. The origins of illegal immigration date to the late nineteenth century. In 1875, a federal law was passed which prohibited entry of convicts and prostitutes. In 1882 President Chester A. Arthur banned almost all Chinese immigration to the United States, and shortly thereafter barred paupers, criminals and the mentally ill from entering. Although this affected only a small percentage of immigrants, there were now distinctions between legal and illegal immigration. Before this, immigration was barely regulated. So what is “THE LAW ON IMMIGRANT MINORS?”

Before we look further into the anatomy of “Immigration Reform”, I want you to view this matter objectively without the spin of politics. Because as I see it, both parties are equally responsible for the current laws on the books. It’s amazing how after shit blows up in their faces, each party tries their best to cover up the smell with some off brand fragrance. Everybody always wants to adopt the quick fix prowess as a solution. Which in essence merely delays the inevitable because at the end of the day, “the smell is still lingering.” So lets be clear, the immigration laws; as a whole, have been yet another failed policy for this country. Now in my honest opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trial and error. But what irks me is none of the politician are willing to accept RESPONSIBILITY. At some point this country with have another progressive spurt like the one embodied in the “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE” and see through the smoking mirrors.

The fact is children have arrived in the United States without their parents for decades, but over the past two years the flow has become a veritable flood of youths — mostly from Central America — crossing the border in groups and sometimes with the help of adult migrant-smugglers. Their numbers are so large that earlier this month President Barack Obama called the situation a humanitarian crisis. Since 2009, the number of unaccompanied minors apprehended crossing the U.S. border has sharply increased. The journey for these children is long, expensive, and dangerous. So is President Obama soft on matters related to immigration & foreign policies or is his administration following the laws passed by Congress when he steps up and tries to an issue that has  been a part of this country dating back to the late nineteenth century. So what does the actual law on Immigration say about the “Immigration of Minors?”


The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) was signed into law on August 6, 2002. CSPA was enacted to address the problem of minor children losing their eligibility for immigration benefits because they had aged-out or turned 21 years old as a result of processing delays on the part of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or the Department of State. It was not intended to benefit an applicant who aged-out due to the unavailability of a visa number.

Now you know how we do it here at STREET JUSTICE, I have no intentions on trying to spoon feed you with the tracking language hiding in plain site. All you have to do is GOOGLE the CHILD STATUS PROTECTION ACT (CSPA) and you’ll see for yourself this has absolutely nothing to do with the Obama Administration, but it falls on the ENTIRE system of government. Because in order for the legislation to have passed into to law, Democrats as well as Republicans would have had to vote on it. Basically, the LAW ON IMMIGRANT MINORS is another magic trick; or misdirection, performed by the media and we as the audience have to simply keep our eyes on the cards. In this case the law.

Well, all of this talk about Milk & Honey has got me on edge. I think I’ll go out into my backyard take off my pants and scream at top of my lungs…And hope the entire fiasco’s not captured on tape by a flying DRONE!  Freedom, you’ve got to love it! This is Maestro.

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THIS IS A NEW BOOK I WROTE THAT IS DUE TO BE IN BOOK STORE SOON. Thank you for all of your support with my first book RITA (The Sole Survivor).  Being the over achiever I am, publishing one novel just wouldn’t do. Stay tuned for the announcement of the arrival of  the third slug in the chamber “THERE COMES A TIME”. It goes without saying my post have fallen off as a direct result of my writing project. But don’t worry, I will be jumping back in the driver seat taking you to places you’ve never been before.

This bullet represents something more than change. It can take life, tempered by persuasion  or it can primages (4)otect us IF given the right circumstances. It is fashioned by steel to sit in the palm of your hand and in the blink of an eye, it can take the life of a man. A bullets edges are smooth and cold to the touch  but it’s core is soft, wrapped in a sheet of steel to keep it warm. It has single handily claimed more lives than HATE but rather than awarding the bullet for it’s accomplishments, lobbyist do every thing they can to down play the bullets involvement. So then if we taxed it and placed price tags on them like a Lamborghini then fewer people will be able to afford them. RIGHT?

Now who is up for the challenge, to stand down on fate? Years of repetition on call and I still can’t wait. Poverty is nothing more than a bi-product of greed instituted by a system to amass wealth. Pious men have gone to great lengths  to expose the charade. But Despite our efforts to get involved we’re often labelled socialist and placed on watch list. Don’t you find it ironic that the men who founded this country rebelled against a system which made them obsolete. Thus, the UNITED STATES was formed.

I am getting a little tired of the long drawn out interviews, coffee spills in the morning and having to say grace, dropped calls, crowded malls and walking up a never ending staircase. By chance we met under the guise of fate and by choice I dedicate my efforts to redefine my calling of late. Mass appeal can sometime distract us from our purpose,  with its motives and water down excuses about life and as long as I have the courage I can handle the fight. Illuminati, Masonry, are but a few pawns used in the larger scheme of things to control the center of the board. The more OBJECTS we acquire, leaves our castle vulnerable and we never stop long enough to take into account the material imbalance it causes in our lives. And before we realize it, we find ourselves in an endgame without the support of our most valuable piece.  THE QUEEN. Then like common thieves we find ourselves in a foot race to regain what we so carelessly gave away.

So what’s new?  Mass shootings, Reality Shows, a grid locked administration and an increasing unemployment rate. To make matters worst the government is all up in my business trying to tell me what healthcare provider is best for me. I don’t profess to be a politician, although I do admire a good debate. All this talk about global warming and building a wait station out in space has got me perplexed and the CDC is hellbent on trying to convince me that I’m next.

Democracy has a tendency of committing suicide. My question is if we are a Republic, then why on gods green earth are we spreading Democracy around the globe? It’s something about mob rule that just doesn’t sit right with me. So how do we place the power back into the hands of “The People?” This may be accomplished by resolved through putting an end to the alienation between people created by the institution of private property.

The overly abstract and ideal conception of the world represented by philosophy. Each word nothing more than an abstract mystification of the actual force. It can be found where ideas and institutions are balanced “a concept interwoven with outdated activity and material intercourse of men and appear to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This falls somewhere between a deliberate act of Genocide and an Inferiority Complex this country inherited. Now here we are celebrating your independence when we’re all depended on pot. Forget about the 40 acres or the window from which I use to gaze upon a lot. I hate to be the one to put the crème in your red white and blue. So if it was my chance to choose who bites this bullet between us, It would have to be you.

Maestro Speaks

Maestro Speaks



Blacks and Whites have shared a love/hate relationship here in America. A lot and can be said about the dynamics and complexity of the history leading back to the shores of the Ivory Coast in West Africa. The subject has worn on my physic for longer than most of you can possibly imagine. Nevertheless, like a ketchup stain splattered on the kitchen wall becomes part of the wallpaper, we have become desensitized to the suffering experienced by the Black man here in America. I for one, do not have all the intellect to answer to this aged old dilemma plaguing our community. Therefore, I felt the need to evaluate, “The Shade of Black and White in America” in an attempt to better understand the challenges our country faces in the coming years.

Let’s lapse back in time for a moment when Rodney King was the focus of media attention. It is safe to say that the events leading up to the 1992 Los Angeles riots, were by and large contributed to the verdict handed down by a jury for the police involving the excessive use of force after detaining  Rodney King during a traffic stop. February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin was gunned down by George Zimmerman; a wantta be police officer, in Sanford, Florida. The fatal shooting of the 17-year old African America by then 28 year old “neighborhood watch security guard caused pandemonium and unrest throughout the United states and abroad in the international community.

Now let’s flip the coin on the other side for a moment and evaluate the same set of circumstances but in this example the individual firing the weapon is a BLACK Woman, her name is Marissa Alexander.

She was convicted in 2012 under Florida’s 10-20-life law, which requires a mandatory minimum sentencing in certain crimes involving a firearm. Alexander was previously denied immunity under the state’s Stand Your Ground law. KEEP IN MIND” NO ONE” WAS INJURED. By the way George Zimmerman used the same defense, HE DIDN’T FIRE A WARNING SHOT AND KILLED A YOUNG BLACK MALE AND WAS FOUND INNOCENT.

Most recently a jury has found Michael Dunn, the Florida man accused of shooting an unarmed teenager to death during a dispute over loud music, guilty of four charges, but the jury was unable to reach a decision on the top count, first-degree murder. Dunn, who is white, fired 10 shots into an SUV, killing Jordan Davis, 17, who was black. The shooting in a convenience store parking lot in Jacksonville erupted after Dunn asked the teenagers in the vehicle to turn down their music.

Dunn was charged with first-degree murder, three counts of attempted second-degree murder and one count of firing into a vehicle in the Nov. 23, 2012, shooting. The jury couldn’t reach a decision on the first-degree murder charge, but convicted on the other four.

Dunn contended he acted in self-defense. Prosecutors suggested that Dunn, 47, was angry because he was being disrespected by a young black man.

Dunn was remanded to the custody of authorities. Sentencing, which could total as much as 75 years in prison, was set for around March 24.

The sequestered jury began its deliberations Wednesday, a week after opening statements began. That Dunn had fired into the SUV and killed Davis was never in question. What the jury had to determine was whether Dunn had acted in self-defense.

The proceedings are the latest in a series of murder cases with claims of self-defense that have roiled Florida and garnered national attention. George Zimmerman, who identifies as Latino, was acquitted of murdering an unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin, during a confrontation on Feb. 26, 2012. Another case, involving a former police captain accused of killing a man in a movie theater after a dispute over texting, is working its way through the courts.

As in the Zimmerman case, race has been a subtext in the Dunn trial. Prosecutors maintained that Dunn repeatedly shot at the black teenagers because they were playing their hip-hop music too loudly.

“This defendant was disrespected by a 17-year-old teenager, and he lost it. He wasn’t happy with Jordan Davis’ attitude. What was his response? ‘You’re not going to talk to me like that,’ ” Assistant State Atty. Erin Wolfson said. “He took these actions because it was premeditated. It was not self-defense.”

But Dunn’s attorney, Cory Strolla, pressed the self-defense claim and argued that Dunn had a right to shoot if he reasonably thought he was in danger.

“We understand Jordan Davis was human and this was a tragedy,” Strolla said. The attorney added later, “Deadly force is justifiable if Dunn reasonably believed he faced an attempted murder of himself or another.”

Florida’s “stand your ground” law allows the defense to seek a special hearing to receive immunity from prosecution before a trial. Dunn did not choose to go that route, but argued that he had acted in self-defense because he thought there was a weapon in the car and he feared for his life.,0,5446202.story#ixzz2uw7uPT57

This is no attempt to open up any old wounds, too many people have already had to deal with the pain of having to lay to rest one of our children for a senseless act. And being the father of two young black males I know what Travyon Martin’s parents must have felt when they were told their son’s life had been senselessly taken.

So at what point is there value placed on the life of an African American? Well, putting it bluntly as history has shown us, “The only time a black man’s life has value is when a white man takes it.” Now, I know that is a hell of a position to take but at some point we have to own up to this crisis in order for there to be any change. As far as I’m concerned, anytime there is an act of violence or heinous crime perpetrated against a man of color by any person, then that person should full the weight of the law on his shoulders. Regardless of his race. Our black leaders should be marching in the black communities right now in protest of the black on black crime being committed at an alarming rate. Our so-called leaders remind me of the ambulance chasers looking for a settlement playing the race card.

I think it’s Ludicrous that we as a race of people have embraced the word,” Nigga”, which was created by the white man at a time when the black man was treated in-humanly. I find it ironic that WE as a race of people embrace such a derogatory word and psychologically use it and feel somehow empowered by using it against ourselves. A very large percent of African Americans will be offended if they heard a Caucasian using the term nigga or nigger. In a study I recently conducted in Los Angeles, CA a black man said in no uncertain terms, “Only a black can call another black a nigga.” What sense does that make? It’s that same warped mentality used to justify the out of control crime rate prevalent in the African American community today.

So apparently, everything is copacetic with the high crime rate and black on black violence as long as we are causing havoc in our own communities and we are responsible for taking the life of another black man.  Now, when an individual of another ethnic persuasion, ie., (Caucasian) takes the life of a brother it’s revered as an outrage.  This type of behavior has plagued our community long enough.

First of all, it has to be established anytime violence rears its ugly head in our community, we as a people will do everything within our power to eradicate the cause, at all cost. Which means championing a cause to speak out against violence in our community. I’m not talking about the gated communities or the subdivisions with expensive HOA fees. I am talking about good common-sense resolve for a condition rapidly spiraling out of control.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) notes that most crime is intra-racial. Which means there is something called, (“WHITE ON WHITE”) crime, (“Korean on Korean”) crime, etc… According to the Justice Statistics the White on White crime rate is 84%. Simply put, all races kill within their own race, but this isn’t to make light of the staggering statistic related to Black on Black violence. Now just because White’s kill White’s and Hispanics kill Hispanics don’t make me sleep at night. I’m concern about the violence plaguing our city streets. We as a race of people have to reevaluate our current situation before we’re not left with anyone at the finish line.